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KAPIA is now LIVE on Kickstarter.  Please support!

After four years in development, our point&click adventure KAPIA is now live on Kickstarter. If you like what my husband and I have created, please come support our project. KAPIA is a story-driven point-and-click adventure executed in a classical style of 3D quests from the mid-2000s. 

Stefan, a retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather, takes on the responsibility of solving the mystery of a global lockdown. Little does he know his most powerful ally will be his little granddaughter, Reny.

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Our family-crafted KAPIA is heading for a Kickstarter in just one week.  These are new screenshots from our point & click about Reny, her grandfather, and the people of Dome KAPIA. 
If you like our work, please consider supporting: Steam:

Hey. I played your demo and recorded a video about it. I love the game. I did not expect it to be so lovely and cool. I sincerely enjoy it and will make more episodes till i finish it. I hope you like it. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make such videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. 

Thank you for the video! It looks awesome :-) glad you enjoyed our game and look forward to your further videos!

Hi, I have Win10 and the inventory using seems not to work. I tried to use the power bank on the head with drag'n'drop and without it and it doesn't do anything. What information do you need for debugging?

Please try using power bank on the opened hatch, it should do the trick.

Thanks! It worked. Maybe some kind of feedback would be in order when the player tries to use an item to a target that doesn't do anything. I was quite sure it just didn't work, first.

Like a negative feedback on objects, yes. Thank you! We will try to provide. :-) glad you could figure it out! Hope it didn't influence your experience.

I forgot to mention, that "tab" button will come most in handy on those challenging spots in the game.